Friday, November 27, 2009

Dispelling An SFI Myth

Dispelling An SFI Myth

One of the biggest misconceptions about SFI is that there is a monthly fee or purchase requirement.

This is, of course, completely FALSE.

There is NEVER any cost to be an affiliate. And you can earn VersaPoints and corresponding benefits, perks, and payouts through a variety of actions.

Yes, thousands of SFI affiliates DO purchase SFI products for themselves. It only makes sense, after all, to buy from, "your own store"—especially those items that you are already purchasing from someone else (more on this in a moment). However, this is TOTALLY OPTIONAL.

The best way to accumulate VersaPoints and attain Executive Affiliate rank is to generate 1,500 SVP instantly via a purchase at the TripleClicks store...OR...without any personal purchases by taking the actions outlined HERE.

In fact, SFI has a wide variety of products available with varying VersaPoint totals attached for you to offer your customers and prospective affiliates. As few as one customer sale a month can get you to Executive Affiliate rank each month!

How do you make these sales? The easiest way is to check out the numerous strategies outlined at the Customer Referral Methods page.

By the way, as an Executive Affiliate, for every retail sale you make, you'll earn 60% of the total commission payout. In other words, there are great profits to be made. Of course, that's just the start of the many benefits of earning VersaPoints. For a list of ALL benefits you'll get from accumulating VersaPoints, click here.

Then, start having some fun with what I consider to be one of the most exciting aspects of the Internet: E-COMMERCE!


As an SFI affiliate, you are essentially a partner of SFI's. You truly need to think of the SFI product line as YOUR product line. Hence, it only makes sense that when you buy products and services, you always shop your own store first.

If you owned a bakery, I'm certain you wouldn't be buying cinnamon rolls from Winchell's Donuts down the street. If you owned a Ford dealership, I'm betting you wouldn't even think about buying a Chevy across town.

It's the exact same thing with SFI. Especially when it comes to products you're ALREADY buying. "Your store" almost certainly carries several products or services that you ALREADY purchase from a local store or other service provider. Why not transfer those YOUR store?

Remember, we're not talking about spending extra money, just changing where you're buying it from.

In doing so, you're taking action that supports the growth of your SFI business. Buying from your own store also adds revenue to the SFI commission pool, which can increase your commission check and the commission checks of every affiliate in your team.

Additionally, your upline leaders (your Sponsor and Team Leaders) earn commissions each time you buy from your SFI store. And while that may not excite you right now, it surely will when later you have your own tean of hundreds or thousands of affiliates and you're earning commissions on every purchase they make!

So where do you go when you're ready to shop your store? Just head over to

Take back your life. Our program shows you how!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Current Economic Crisis

What You Will Learn

At the time of writing this lesson (February/March 2009), the United States and the entire world are suffering from an unprecedented economic crisis. In this Lesson, we will discuss the current economic crisis and how it provides an amazing opportunity for multi-tier Internet Marketing.

The Current Crisis

Unless you have had your head buried in the sand for the last couple of months, you are very well aware that the United States and, indeed, the entire world, is in the grip of a profound economic crisis. Large banks are failing and being bailed out with government money. Stock markets have suffered record losses and are extremely volatile. The auto industry is on the verge of bankruptcy and collapse. Credit for individuals and businesses has frozen. Jobs are disappearing in unprecedented numbers. Huge numbers of families are losing their homes.

No one claims to fully understand the current economic crisis or to fully understand what caused it. The U.S. approach to alleviating the crisis has been to “bailout’ the large banks by buying up their questionable assets with government funds. Similarly, the auto industry is being bailed out. A huge new stimulus package to get the economy flowing again is also being proposed.

The experts’ approach to fixing things is to “stimulate” the economy and to increase confidence. They attempt to stimulate the economy by adding money to it, such as in the bailouts and stimulus packages. They attempt to increase confidence in a variety of ways.

Reality Vs. Confidence

It is helpful to distinguish the concrete problems from the “confidence” problems. If you have lost your job and do not have any money, you indeed have a concrete problem! The way to “stimulate” the economy as far as you are concerned is to give you a job or at least an affordable business opportunity so you can make some money to spend. (Job creation is, indeed, proposed as the key element of the long-term fix to the economic problem.) On the other hand, if you have a good job, but are hoarding your money for fear of losing your job, that is a “confidence” problem, at least from the economists’ point of view.

If you have a huge, gas-guzzling vehicle, then you have a concrete problem (albeit not nearly as bad as being unemployed). The oil needed to fuel that vehicle has become a limited resource and it has become costly to our environment to continue burning oil. On the other hand, If you have the money or credit, but are hesitating to buy a new vehicle for fear of lack of gas or future income to make the payments, then you have a confidence problem (and not without good reason).

If you want to buy a new home, but cannot get the bank to finance it, you have a concrete problem. If you can get it financed, but are hesitating for fear you may lose your job or have your income reduced and not be able to pay the mortgage, then the issue is confidence.

Why Confidence Is A Factor In The Economy

For the economy to be strong, we need lots of people doing lots of things to increase production of products and services. For those increases to be practical, however, there has to be demand for those products and services. That is, people have to be able and willing to buy the goods and services before companies will be willing to produce them. If people are able to buy, but do not buy because they lack confidence in their future income, this lack of “confidence” slows down the economy. Companies that could be producing products and services lay off employees and become idle, while consumers who could be using those products and services do without them.

Say you wanted to buy the latest computer with all the bells and whistles. If you did so, your production would increase. If you and several others like you did so, the store you purchased it from would have more income. If you and others did so, the manufacturers of all the parts would have more income. If you and others did so, the software companies writing the pre-installed software would have more income. So would the companies that assembled all the parts and sold the package to you. On the other hand, if you and others like you decided to save your money instead – in case you needed it to pay your mortgage or pay your rising energy bill later – then you would be less productive. If you and others like you decided to save your money instead, then all of the companies mentioned above would have less income. Having less income, these companies would produce less. Having less income, these companies would lay off employees. With more employees laid off, there would be less people able to buy other products and services – thus affecting other companies. And so on it goes.

Why Do We Lack Confidence

Those who lack confidence in the health of our economy and the assurance of their future financial well-being, do so for good reason.

The economic problems we have today were not caused by lack of resources. Although there are some shortages, shortages are not really the problem. There is a shortage of oil. Also, as the number of the people in the world increases, while it’s land surface remains constant, there is a growing ‘shortage’ of real estate also. Neither of these shortages, however, is the cause of our current economic crisis.

While no one can say for sure, it strongly appears that the current economic crisis has been in the making for a while as the result of unsound investing and poor management of the major industries of the world, coupled with government deregulation that allowed them to magnify their mistakes. In short, the major governments and major industries in the world have failed us. We are suffering an economic downturn and economic insecurity as a result. We have lost confidence as a result.

What We Can Do About It

The first thing we can do is to apply something that the large governments and large industries seemed to have totally lost sight of—COMMON SENSE. Let’s take a moment and think about the current situation and what we can do about it from a common sense standpoint.

While the use of oil as a source of energy is becoming impractical (due to shortage and effect on the environment) science and technology offer alternatives. One of the major ways that large governments and large industries have failed us is in not using science and technology to develop alternative sources of energy long before now. That is changing now, however, and a vast market exists for cheap alternative energy. New companies with new ideas will eventually build a thriving energy economy.
In the meantime, though, what can we do to help ourselves get through these hard economic times?

The first answer is that we have to learn to think independently. We cannot simply rely on large governments and large industries to run our lives anymore. We can do a better job ourselves. We, the hard-working people who are involved hands-on in the creation of goods and services, must continue to work hard—but we must start working for ourselves. If we do, WE are the solution to the current economic crises! We didn’t cause it, but we can fix it.

In order to do this, however, we have to understand the importance of independence. We can no longer let multi-national mega-corporations determine what we want and need. We must determine for ourselves what we want and need. By doing this, we greatly enrich our lives in a number of ways. First, it just feels good to make your own choices, not just being an autotron controlled by media advertisement and government rhetoric. Taking charge of your own life, while it takes a little courage and energy, is the most rewarding experience you can have. In short, we simply have to become real.

Next; once we have that independent, take-charge, make-it-real, attitude; we start with ourselves and our close associates to build our own economy. The best way to do that in times like these is with a system like the one the SFI Marketing Group has already created for us—multi-tier, technology-based marketing.

Restoring Confidence

A large part of the current economic crisis, as discussed above, is simply lack of confidence. It will be quite some time before we can restore our confidence in government and industry. But, WE CAN HAVE CONFIDENCE IN OURSELVES! We create that confidence by creating the time and energy to work our businesses. We create that confidence by budgeting our limited resources to invest in our businesses. That is the best possible investment we can make right now. (In fact, many large corporate-type investors have been known to turn their attention to opportunities just like the one we have before us in times like these.) The type of opportunity that our SFI business provides is the type that works best in tough economic times. All it takes is for you to have confidence in yourself and to instill that same confidence in your team. As this confidence grows, OUR economy thrives and grows, notwithstanding the shape of the overall world economy. From the grassroots up, we build a groundswell mini-economy that works just fine for us. Our actions lead to our postive results. Our positive results leads to our prosperity!

Confidence In The Business Model & Management

Gery Carson of the SFI Marketing Group has worked hard over the last several years to build a legitimate business model that works for us. That model has been constantly tested and improved and in January, 2009, has reached yet another pinnacle with the introduction of is destined to become a major brand on the Internet. We will make it so. The company has a tested and proven, time-honored track record. (I personally have been an SFI Affiliate for over a decade.) While Gery Carson has never been timid in making needed changes and adjustments, he has been extraordinarily consistent in his goal to provide the best possible home-based business opportunity available at any given time. The company is sound.

The SFI business model is sound as well. As discussed before in this course, MLMs which base their model on the sale of over-priced products (that no one will buy without the added promise of riches from in turn selling the product to others) are not sound. Such opportunities are based on greed. Such opportunities are mathematically unsound. On the other hand, when an opportunity provides multiple products and services for you to promote, all reasonably priced and with much of the commissions being earned from retail sales; then you have a sound, viable opportunity. SFI offers such an opportunity. Indeed, you can earn commissions from the promotion of needed, everyday products and services in high demand, even in times of economic crises.

In addition, these economic times call for reuse of reusable goods. is based on that very timely need. Rather than depending on large corporations to manufacture new items for all our needs—while landfills overflow with perfectly useable items—modern technology needs to be more employed to the task of connecting people with others who have unwanted items they can use. does just that—it uses the most modern internet technology, combined with one of the largest affiliate networks in the world, to keep items in productive use and out of landfills—benefiting all involved.

Also, later in 2009, my company, VeryVIP Sitebuilder Hosting, is launching a new Internet package designed to recruit new affiliates for your SFI Team based on the concepts in this lesson. With modern social networking technology built right into the package, you will be able to connect with, and instill confidence in, a much larger audience of possible affiliates. By connecting together, having confidence in ourselves and each other,...and being willing to take a real independent approach to the challenges that face us and our world; we can truly create our own thriving economy.

Conclusion—Take Action

It is really quite simple when you think about it. A large part of the current economic crises is due to lack of confidence. Due to this lack of confidence, business slows down because people slow down. People need products and services and want to buy them, but are reluctant to do so...due to fear and insecurity in their financial future. Businesses want to produce products and services but are reluctant to do so...due to declining sales. This is very easy to turn around just by instilling confidence. Although we may now lack confidence in traditional businesses and government, we can have confidence in SFI, our SFI business, our team of affiliates, and ourselves! With this confidence, we can stimulate our own personal economies. While you may understandably be reluctant to buy a new car or a new home right now, do not be reluctant to invest in your SFI business! Work harder than ever! Promote harder than ever! Invest more than ever! Buy the things you need and want from and and promote those products and services to everyone whom you come into contact. Recruit new affiliates for your team. Explain to these new affiliates that the only thing necessary for success is confidence. When they become confident, they will create action. Action creates commerce. Commerce creates prosperity. Prosperity increases confidence. It becomes an upward spiral of success for everyone involved, as opposed to the downward spiral of the world economy right now.

It starts with you. Take Action!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

How To Make Money With SFI

How To Make Money With SFI

Probably the Number One question for everyone who has just signed up with SFI (or any other program for that matter) is "how do I start making money?" The good news is that with SFI there are numerous different ways but they can be categorised as
a)Promoting the SFI opportunity, and b)promoting the products from Veriuni/Nice Offers/Great Domania, etc.

The most frequent comment I hear from new affiliates has to be about the amount of information on the SFI site and how overwhelmed many of them feel by it. There is a lot of info on the site but, in my experience, the affiliates that take the time to read it all are the ones that go on to achieve the most success with SFI. Obviously I don't expect anyone to sit and read every single word on every page the first day they join but the things you should do on your first day with SFI are:

Contact Me - when you join my team in SFI you receive an email from me which gives you my contact details. Use them! Send me an email and tell me a little about yourself. This can be in the briefest terms - just a few lines if you want. My role as your personal sponsor is to help in any way I can but it helps me if I know some of the background, concerns, strong points, perceived weak points, etc of the people in my team. I want team members to feel able to contact me without hesitation and sending that initial email is also a good way to break the ice.

Complete Smart Start - - this is an important introduction to the SFI program and will help you understand most of the basics. I'm amazed at the number of new affiliates who don't do this and I feel it really puts them at a disadvantage from the start. It doesn't take long to do and if there is anything in it that you are not sure about just ask me.

Visit the Discussion Board - - a forum specifically for SFI affiliates and a useful resource for tips and ideas on promoting SFI. It's not the busiest forum you will ever use but it's a good way to see what other affiliates are doing and also Gery Carson (the CE of SFI) is available there to answer questions.

Look at your Gateway Sites - -
you should really take a thorough look because these are the things that can make you money! In particular spend time looking at the Retail Program Gateways which includes Nice Offers and Veriuni. You will see there is a wide variety of products that you can sell and earn commissions from. Also take a look at your Marketing Aids : which include banners, leaflets and text ads.

People join SFI with different levels of experience selling online. Some have tried other programs and already know how to promote successfully. Others are completely new to affiliate marketing and don't know where to begin. Whatever your level of experience I recommend you bookmark and refer back to it frequently. It's full of useful links and information about everything from autoresponders to classified ads.

I suggest you experiment with different methods of promotion until you find the one that produces the best results for you. Personally I find SFI very easy to promote because it is a legitimate opportunity and the quality of the products/services available is excellent. I currently have 97 affiliates in my downline and of those I recruited 71 personally. The methods I use to promote are a combination of the following :

Traffic Exchanges - free although most have a paid upgrade option which I would recommend as worthwhile for a few but not for most of them. I have some success promoting the SFI opportunity using TE's but have never sold a tangible product on a TE. I think that's mainly because most of the people using the TE's are the same as me - trying to make money online! They are not looking to buy weight loss products or pet care products but they may well be looking for a new way to make money online. I have listed some TE's on the right of the screen but there are hundreds of others that may work just as well. I don't advocate spending a lot of time surfing the TE's because they are by no means the best promotion tool but they are still worthwhile trying.

Pay Per Click ads - Google and Yahoo are the two I use for this and both have detailed descriptions of how their programs work on their sites. I strongly advise everyone to exercise caution with this one - particularly with Google Ads. They can really run away with your budget if you don't know what you're doing. PPC is probably not something that those new to Internet Marketing should jump into. I'd advise waiting until you have more experience and also until you have started earning some money so that you can identify an advertising budget.

Article Marketing - this is the primary method I use to get traffic to my affiliate links, blog and websites. The best thing about this of course is it's free! If you are not familiar with Article Marketing it involves writing an article about something which will be of interest to people and then submitting it to the numerous Article Directories online - there are literally thousands of them, some better than others. The aim of this is twofold. It not only builds links to the site you are promoting but also people read the article and are then (hopefully) interested in your product and want to find out more so visit the site you are promoting. If anyone is interested in finding out more about this marketing method contact me and I will send you a couple of useful ebooks I have on the subject. I find Article Marketing is an excellent way of promoting Veriuni products, for example their weight loss range.

My Blog/Websites - I have a number of websites which serve various purposes. When I started working online I knew absolutely nothing about website building, HTML, any of that stuff. In fact I still don't know an awful lot about some of it but through trial and error I'm getting there! If you're the same then the easiest way around this is to create your own blog. It's quick and easy - if you look at the top left of the screen click on the "B" beside the search box. This takes you to and you can create it from there. It's free and the directions are simple enough to follow. Having your own blog or website is important. It's establishing your online presence in a way. Also if you are going to try Article Marketing you will find that many article directories will not accept affiliate links so your own blog or website can be essential as a vehicle for advertising affiliate programs. If you are completely new to website/blog creation and need some help then contact me and I will do all I can to help.

These methods are just the ones I use most frequently. From time to time I will also try alternatives such as classified ads and solo ads but the methods above have brought me the most success so far. I suggest you experiment with various forms of advertising until you find the ones that work best for you. Don't spend a lot of money in the process though - the aim is to be making it, not spending it!

Anyone with any questions can contact me either directly to my email address which is above, or via the SFI site.

If you remain EA every month, and you show the secret as many times as it takes to produce at least one new EA every month

If you remain EA every month, and you show the secret as many times as it takes to produce at least one new EA every month, and they do the same thing, here's what can happen for you by this time next year (results may vary):

Month 1 - You become an EA.
Month 2 - You produce one new EA.
Month 3 - The two of you each produce one new EA.

Now there are 4 EAs on your team, continuing...

Month 4 - The four of you each produce one new EA.
Month 5 - The eight of you each produce one new EA.
Month 6 - The sixteen of you each produce one new EA.

Now there are 32 EAs on your team, continuing...

Month 7 - 32 EAs on your sales team each produce one new EA.
Month 8 - 64 EAs on your sales team each produce one new EA.
Month 9 - 128 EAs on your sales team each produce one new EA.

Now there are 256 EAs on your team, continuing...

Month 10 - 256 EAs each produce one new EA.
Month 11 - 512 EAs each produce one new EA.
Month 12 - 1024 EAs each produce one new EA.

After one year YOU now have a sales team of 2048 EAs! (under this scenario)

Your downline EAs will soon join you in that status.

Notice that you and each of the EAs on your team need produce a minimum of only 12 new EAs (at least one per month) during the year after you start using the secret.

And, with commission and bonuses, by using the secret, you and your team of EAs will each be producing a very large and very nice and ever-growing income every month.

IF you each simply DO IT!
And... It's not hard to do.

Simply show the secret to EVERY Affiliate you sponsor until they become an Executive Affiliate.
And then encourage these EAs to show the secret to EVERY Affiliate they sponsor until they become EAs.

BIG HINT: Produce more than one EA every month, and the results you get will be even better! More and bigger bonuses and faster team growth.

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One important thing to know up front.

With SFI you cannot make any money unless you generate retail sales or sponsor affiliates who make retail sales and/or purchase from SFI. And you may not earn from your sponsored affiliates' activities unless YOU become an Executive Affiliate.

If you do make retail sales, as an Executive Affiliate you'll earn double the commission that a non-EA earns.
As a Team Leader, you'll make even more than that, up to 80% commission! Welcome to the good life!

Not only that, become EA and SFI will lock in your position in the SFI Powerline, its Team Network, TNet, which makes you eligible for downline commission and bonuses.

Plus, you'll get a lot of other BENEFITS as an EA. Such as daily, immediate Sponsorship Bonuses whenever you sponsor a new EA or new Team Leader. See them all here -

It really pays to be EA in many ways. See this SFI webpage for more about becoming an EA and why you should upgrade as soon as you can... even today, right away.

Now then... here's the stunningly simple secret to making a lot of money with SFI.

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It's true... YOU, using SFI's system,
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SFI does almost ALL of what needs to be done.
YOU do the rest, what's left -- JUST 3 Simple Things, over and over.

The SECRET to making money with SFI's Team Network (TNet) is:

1) You MUST generate a minimum of 10 SVP EVERY month, either choose to sell retail or use SFI products.
2) You MUST produce at least ONE new Executive Affiliate EVERY month... one will do, but more is better.
3) You MUST continually give this secret to EVERY Affiliate you sponsor... until they choose to become EA.

Email this entire document to your sponsored Affiliates, or send them to its URL address here.

Or append it to your New Affiliate Welcome Letter in the Affiliate Resource Center.
(Note: if you do append this document to your letter be sure to resolve all the text links)

You'll find this document's complete URL address in your browser's address bar.

4) Finally, write out this affirmation, and reread it, and repeat it out loud to yourself
every morning right after you arise from sleep and every evening right before you go to sleep,
(this will get your subconscious working with you and for you),
"I, {say your name}, have a very successful {the type or amount you want} SFI Business "!

Example: "I, Jenny Smith, have a very successful $10,000 a month SFI Business!"

See how that works here - Your Mind Sets Your Limits

And that's it! The SECRET to making money with SFI's Team Network (TNet)!

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Now all that's required is for EACH of your teammates to follow your example.
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Advertise your SFI gateway websites and shop from your own Affiliate Store. Either of these can give you the SVP SFI requires and the Customers and Affiliates you need to build your sales team. An excellent way to get 10 SVP is a Standing Order to SFI's IAHBE to help build your business. The easy way is transfer to SFI what you now buy elsewhere!

Then use the free training, marketing aids, and other resources that SFI has provided to you, without cost, to expand your team and your abilities. SFI's free Internet Income Course is ideal for showing you exactly what to do, and even how to do it if you wish.

Finally, use the powerful tools that SFI has also given you to communicate with every Affiliate you sponsor. For instance, you can easily email Affiliates of your choice with SFI's Contact Manager. And SFI's Gift Certificate progam is excellent for converting Affiliates to Executive Affiliates.

As your abilities and leadership potential grow, place your photo in SFI's Affiliate Center so your new Affiliates come to know you better. Enter your own special welcome message to accompany Gery Carson's online Welcome Letter to new Affiliates. Set up a Team Leader Co-op for your team. And read the Team Leader training and articles to get more ideas for growing your team of new Affiliates.

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One of the most powerful aspects of SFI's T-Net Compensation Plan is its crystal clear path to success:

Advance to Executive Affiliate (EA) status--Simply accumulate 10 SVP each month. You can do this through as little as one retail sale a month of a 10 SVP SFI product...or just purchase one of these quality products for yourself.

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Duplication and teamwork together is the key which makes it work.

"To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe." - Anatole France

Hey Non-EA... Think, Very Seriously, About What You've Been Missing!

Your leaders are worried, non-EA! You are too, probably!
"Why is SFI not paying me any money?", you may be asking.

Your up line wants you to see the obvious, but you apparently don't.
Do you have blinders on your eyes? If so, it's time to take them off!
Do you think your money is just going to magically happen? It won't!

Carefully consider what you are missing by not being a leader in SFI.
The initial leader position is EA, or Executive Affiliate, requiring only 10 SVP monthly.

There's a very easy way to get 10 SVP along with lots of wealth with SFI. It's simply threefold.

3-Step Formula To SFI Wealth
1) Make retail sales to folks not yet in SFI, then recruit your customers for your team.
2) Purchase SFI products and services for yourself, and others (buying is optional).
3) Invite every person you can contact to join SFI and become EA, just like you soon will.

In other words,
as often as you can:
> Buy something from SFI. Sell something retail for SFI. Earn your 10 SVP.
> Become and remain in SFI's A2A, then be an Executive Affiliate, and finally a Team Leader.
> Tell everyone you can about the amazing SFI opportunity, and SFI's products and services.
(use SFI's Marketing Aids and Marketing Materials to do the telling for you)

This simple 3-Step Formula WILL produce an ever-increasing income for you!

If you're not doing these 3 things daily, you're not doing yourself any favors!

All it takes for you make money with SFI is finding ways to do these things!
Nothing hard about it! But to get it done, you have to act on it, every day!

Each day after you awake and before you go to sleep, do at least one thing in each category above.
That would be 90+ things a month, and you'll be way ahead at the end of each month!

Surprise yourself each month at how much you and your team of committed affiliates can do!
Be amazed at how much money you each can make when all of you act together as a team.

This (the SFI system) is definitely something that works, but only if you buckle down and work it!

Please don't give us leaders any excuses.
Because we did it. And you can do it too!


Then we can all stop being worried... and begin laughing all the way to our banks!

Because we, and YOU, will have very successful SFI businesses.

"PRODUCING SVP and PROFIT FOR SFI" is the name of this game... if you want to win.

If you're not producing SVP and EAs every month,
then you're missing out - you're losing the game.
If you're not buying or selling retail for SFI,
then you're not making any money for you or for SFI.


People down line from you are likely making lots of money with SFI.
If you're not EA, every month,
then YOUR and THEIR bonuses are rolling up to your sponsor.
You're not getting any! Thank about that!
Plug that dripping hole in your financial boat!

No downline yet. Well, get busy! You have to start sometime, and NOW is the best time!

Truthfully... Here's the BIGGEST MONEY-MAKING HINT I can give you...

As you read this, you are either part of a team now, or you will (or should) be the leader of a team later.

The keyword here is TEAM! Especially if you want to make money with SFI.

In SFI you are a member of a team, and you must have your own team to excel.
And having a team requires that you personally sponsor new people - free affiliates - into SFI.

By yourself, alone, you can do little. But as part of a team, then soon as head of a team, the sky's the limit for you in SFI.

When EACH MEMBER of your SFI team, and you now or eventually as the leader, become EA and produce EAs, every month,
then you will have put yourself on track for earning the most money with SFI in just about the quickest way possible.

The only way you can do better is by making personal retail sales of SFI's products and services... which you should at least try to do.
SFI recommends it and both the Affiliate Center and DBoard threads give you information and tips on how to easily sell retail.

But this very easily understood process of getting wealthy with SFI, the one that I'm about to tell you about and explain in the simplest terms I can, is what makes SFI one of the best opportunities on the planet.

The synergy and the serendipity of TEAM cooperation is what gets all of this done for you and for every member of your team, but... if and only if every member of your team who wants what you want also does what you do.

And it all starts with you.

When any team member of yours follows you and does what you have done, that team member will also get what you have received from SFI. The same rewards. Very soon after too!

Both SFI and I can guarantee and promise you this, that IF you and committed members of your team use SFI's system and each of you do what is specified in the first post in this thread, and also use the hint in this post, BOTH YOU AND THEY WILL GET RICH WITH SFI, VERY WEALTHY TOGETHER IN A SHORT AMOUNT OF TIME. Starting with you, and then them soon thereafter LIKELY THE VERY NEXT MONTH. Why can we say this? Because by doing so you each will quickly rise to team leadership with ever-increasing amounts of income.

The bottom line MESSAGE and LESSON of this urgent and encouraging COMMUNICATION from me is for YOU to become EA and learn to produce EAs, today. It's EASY! The money WILL follow. You can count on it. I know. It's happening for me.

So... How to do it?

Talk with your team members!
Let each of them know what is possible!
Get them on board agreeing to do what it is you do!
Get their commitment to perform the same actions for their team members!

Something similar to this...

"Help Me Help You"
"Help me, work with me to help you (and me too of course) get rich using SFI's money-making system".
"If you will become an Executive Affiliate, like me, we can earn a lot of money with SFI. I know how it's done."
"Become EA any way you like. It's your choice. But for this plan to work through teamwork, we MUST all be EA!"
"Stick with me! Please, do what I show you how to do, and together you and I, and our teams, will get it done!"

Ask this of every member on your team!. Have each committed team member ask this of all their team members too!

Show them this thread information.
Or send them the URL address of the thread.
Get them to follow this same plan that you, too, soon will be following.

Then when you agree with me, and committed members of your team agree with you, and we all work together and spend time every day to get our goals accomplished, you will surprise yourself how well you've done at the end of every month, and we each will soon be laughing all the way to our banks!

It works! Proven by thousands of SFI's leaders (see the SFI Leaderboard at
This is NOT bogus hype! This is real. This is DUPLICATION. And it does work!!

SFI's leaders have done it. So can YOU!

SFI has set up its system and money-making process so that most of the work is done for you.
And I have given you my key hint to help you even more to make money fast.

BUT... YOU and YOUR TEAM must also do your part of the WORK!
Which is simply become EA and produce EAs from your group of personally sponsored team members.
And your team members must continue this on down line with every committed SFI affiliate member of their teams.

Each of you CAN and WILL get rich this way IF you each will do the same every month.
Have faith in the system! Duplicate! Plan your work, and work your plan!

> Produce personally sponsored affiliates, PSAs.
> Become an Executive Affiliate Leader yourself soon.
> Produce EA Leaders from your team of committed PSAs.
> Make sure every PSA on your team sees this document, regularly!

Identify your new SFI affiliates.
Identify your affiliates who login to SFI.
Identify your affiliates who are sponsoring.
Identify the buyers and retail sellers.
These affiliates, the ones you identify, are your prospective Executive Leaders,
the committed Affiliates who will follow you and become EA,
the ones who, like you, will soon be wealthy SFI Leaders.

===>>> EA <<<===
I do it. You do it. Your PSAs do it.
Then... We all, through teamwork,
Succeed and Profit Wildly!
===>>> tEAm <<<===

(Don't be EA??? BIG MISTAKE!)


Sure-Fire Method! Make over $60,000/year in less than 1 year! Exact process revealed!
If you want to get very, very, very wealthy using SFI, here's something you MUST do!
Could you use an extra $3,000+, $12,000+, $25,000+, $40,000+, even $60,000+ per year?

Undeniable proof that Executive Affiliate status WILL put you in profit with SFI!!

I'm going to prove to you that becoming an Executive Affiliate and producing your team of EAs is absolutely the best thing you can do with SFI. And I've added a few extra hints that will help you show your team that becoming EA, like you have or will soon, is the best thing they can do.

Network Builder Program Compensation Plan
offers you one of the very best ways in SFI for you to earn
BIG Money!

Review all 4 Parts of the
NBP Comp Plan,
and then go through this revealing document.
Discover how taking advantage of what SFI gives you WILL definitely get you what you want from SFI.

Can you be an EA every month? Sure.. that's easy!
Will you work to convince at least 1, just 1, affiliate a month in your downline to be EA, like you?
If so, you and your team of EAs WILL definitely make money using SFI's amazing money-making system!

Here's absolute proof that being an EA and producing EAs WILL result in SFI paying you a very nice monthly income.
Study the evidence below very carefully, and you'll learn why it's important that you become EA now!

The longer you delay, without upgrading to EA, the longer it may take you to start making money with SFI.
The sooner you become EA, and start producing EAs, the sooner you'll be making an ever-increasing income.

Though SFI never requires that you be EA to make money, and SFI never asks you to invest money to be EA, if you DO become EA, and eventually Team Leader (a very EASY accomplishment using this document), you'll maximize your benefits and enjoy top SFI earnings company wide. And if you decide to use or sell retail SFI's products and services to be EA, you'll realize much greater income faster.

Now for proof that being EA with a team of EAs WILL make money for you.

Assume that you become EA with SFI's IAHBE, or some other way that SFI gives you be EA, and that you continue to be EA each month.

Let's also assume that from your team of personally sponsored affiliates (PSAs) that just 1 of your PSAs becomes a new EA each month.

Finally let's assume that from your group of EAs, just 1 of your EAs produces a new EA each month, matching what you do as you have taught them, and so on downline.

Then let's suppose that you, an EA, and your team of EAs who want to be leaders like you, do your small part, each sponsoring just 1 new EA every month, the minimal amount of work to build a team of EAs.

The following conservative example is an approximate scenario of what can happen for you and every EA on your team.

Your Estimated Monthly Income

Example and Assumptions:
You set up a Standing Order for IAHBE at $29.95 per month.
Or you use some other way to be EA that SFI has established for you, including even the methods of being EA for free.
(IAHBE cost of $29.95 rounded up to $30 for simplicity of calculations)
You produce just 1 new EA each month.
Your team of EAs each produces just 1 new EA each month.

T-NET 2.0 Compensation Plan Earnings Calculator
(with input 1 and 1, where you and your team of EAs each produce minimally 1 new EA every month)

Based on the information you entered, your estimated commissions will be:

$36.00 per month after 6 months ($432.00/yr)
$110.52 per month after 12 months ($1,326.24/yr)
$200.16 per month after 18 months ($2,401.92/yr)
$315.72 per month after 24 months ($3,788.64/yr)

Now let's break this down month by month (displayed dollar values are conservative approximations).
Field 1: Month 1 through 12 starting from whenever you become an Executive Affiliate
Field 2: Your Approximate Monthly Income After Month N (where N = 1 to 12)
Field 3: Your Cumulative Earnings To Date
Field 4: Your Cumulative Expenses To Date
Field 5: Difference = Your Profit(+)/Loss(-) To Date

In the chart below
CEA stands for Cumulative EArnings.
And CEX stands for Cumulative EXpenses.

1 - $9, CEA $9, CEX $30, -$21
<=== You're getting almost 1/3 of IAHBE FREE!
2 - $14, CEA $23, CEX $60, -$37
3 - $19, CEA $42, CEX $90, -$48
4 - $24, CEA $66, CEX $120, -$54
<=== Downward Trend stops, reverses
5 - $30, CEA $96, CEX $150, -$54
6 - $36, CEA $132, CEX $180, -$48
<=== and becomes an Upward Trend!
7 - $43, CEA $175, CEX $210, -$35
8 - $52, CEA $227, CEX $240, -$13
9 - $63, CEA $290, CEX $270, +$20
<=== Your Break Even Point!
10 - $76, CEA $366, CEX $300, +$66
<=== Hurray! Starting now
11 - $91, CEA $457, CEX $330, +$127
<=== you're making more
12 - $110, CEA $567, CEX $360, +$207
<=== than it costs you!

WOW!!! Look at what's happened!

Totally believable evidence that being EA is good for you financially!
Evidence that you cannot, indeed MUST NOT ignore!!

(with just a minimal effort by you and your team of EAs, each of you producing no more than 1 EA every month)

At the end of month 9, you break even and begin earning an ever-increasing income! How exciting! You've begun making a lot more money each month than it costs you to be an Executive Affiliate! And this WILL continue! It's even better if you choose to be EA free by retail sales or some other free means that SFI provides.

Isn't that something nice? What's not to like about this?!!

===>>> Want more? You've got it! <<<===

Produce more EAs each month, get the EAs on your team to produce more EAs each month,
and your SFI commission will be much better, with more coming to you much faster!
As soon will the earnings of every one of your team of EAs who duplicates what you do!

Why is this?
Here's the KEY information that really unlocks your wealth potential.

It's because SFI pays you more money when you produce 2 EAs or more in any one month.

(use SFI's Earnings Calculator with 2 and 2 to see the extra money that you and each of the EAs on your team can earn)

And SFI pays you even more money and bonuses when you produce 5 EAs and become a Team Leader.

(use SFI's Earnings Calculator with 5 and 5 to see what you and each of the EAs on your team can earn as Team Leaders)

===>>> Want to MAXIMIZE your commission? <<<===

Combine this with retail sales or some of the other ways of earning income with SFI,
and you can quickly see that you'll soon be making a very nice income by using SFI's amazing money-making system!
(you can find all of SFI's exciting and lucrative Money-Making Plans plus the SFI Earnings Calculator by clicking here)

And the more EAs you produce, including yourself, and the more sales you make, the sooner will come YOUR Break Even Point!

You can use SFI's EyeEarn Network to sponsor PSAs, then help them become EA!

Now you know why being EA is in your best interest, and why you should have as many EAs as possible on your team.
7+ Reasons Why YOU And Your PSAs Should Want To Be An Executive Affiliate
(click on the text link just above this line)

Especially intriguing are these facts!
By producing just 5 EAs you become a Team Leader and qualify for the maximum benefits and income that SFI offers.
By producing multiple EAs monthly you get paid the additional bonus money for the extra EAs who join your team.
By being proactive in this manner you progress up the ladder of team leadership in the quickest way possible!
And buy from SFI, instead of where you buy now (replacement buying), and you save and profit even more!

What you've just seen is commonly referred to as a "no-brainer".
Something so simple and easy,
while at the same time being so rewarding,
that you MUST do it without thinking too much about it.

Act in your own best interest, and do these 4 simple and easy-to-do things.
Upgrade to EA!
Be a Leader!
Produce more EAs!

===>>> AND <<<===
Let your affiliates know what is possible for them when they commit to SFI and join your team of proactive EAs.
To help you with that, refer every affiliate to this document, or send him/her a copy.
Show them the solid truth that being EA WILL make them money with SFI.

Click Here - Take A Look At All The Ways YOU Can Be EA!


Go here to be EA, before it's too late!

If you're not going to be EA, and if you're not going to produce EAs, then the SFI Network Builder Program can't help you.
But realize this... by not being EA every month you're depriving yourself of the many benefits and extra income that SFI can deliver to you!

Doing SFI Is Really Simple!

Why do I say that SFI is simple to do?
Because you and your downline team of personally sponsored affiliates can profitably and rapidly succeed by doing just a few things every month.

* Sell retail or Buy SFI's Products and Services of your choice to become an Executive Affiliate(EA) *
(for more on how quick and easy it is to become EA, even cost-free, see below)

* Promote both SFI's Business Opportunity and Products/Services to get interested Prospects *
(you'll find that most people love getting free things and quality products)

* Develop a Relationship with your Prospects so that they become interested SFI Affiliates, EAs, and Team Leaders *
(since you know what SFI did for you, you can show your prospects what SFI can do for them)

* Then... Share these few things with your sponsored SFI Affiliates so they know to do what you've done *
(followup, followup, followup - it can take up to 12 times to get people to act)

Do this, just these things, and you'll experience tremendous money-making success with SFI.

And while you're doing the things above FIRST (direct action)... the other things you want to do AFTER (indirect action),
things like learning more about SFI and marketing,
building and promoting your own website,
banking the money you've earned, etc.
Now that you know how truly simple SFI is - click on the 3 bolded links below to put your knowledge into practice,
or go to and review your PATH (see your My Account link, then click on My Affiliate Profile).

Success with SFI... "as simple as 1,2,3!" -
Affiliate, Executive Affiliate, Team Leader - SFI has made it quick and easy for you!

Becoming An Executive Affiliate -
What you need to know about advancing to the lucrative rank of Executive Affiliate (EA)

SFI's Compensation Plans -
(or login to and click on the Comp Plans tab)

All it takes in SFI to succeed are 4 simple things.

1) Select your choice of SFI's Compensation Plans to promote (one or more - pick from several different moneymakers!)
2) Upgrade to Executive Affiliate status as soon as you're able (do it with only 10 SVP in either purchases and/or retail sales!)
3) Sponsor new Affiliates into SFI (with SFI's EyeEarn Network this is easy - you get shares of free affiliates and free money!)
4) Help your Personally Sponsored Affiliates become EAs and Team Leaders (do it with only 5 EAs and you're a Team Leader!)

If every affiliate took just these 4 actions, then everyone's income would quickly grow to be huge!

How You Can Use SFI To Become Rich... And Soon!

Learn how you can easily have a $10K business with SFI.

This business plan is on the level!
It's true and honest, and it works!

Here's the intended use of the plan.

First of all,
you need to agree to the plan and follow it every day.
And then,
you must show the plan continuously to every affiliate
you sponsor to get the committed ones to follow the plan, too.

To become very wealthy with the SFI Marketing Group,
do this (just these 3 simple things).

1) Remain an Executive Affiliate/EA every month.
Retail sales or Purchases - it doesn't matter how you stay EA.

To maximize your SFI benefits and income potential.

2) Produce at least one new EA every month.
It's your choice how you market SFI to accomplish this.

To rapidly grow your sales team and earn bonuses/residuals.

3) Make sure every Affiliate you sponsor knows this!
Tell them these 3 things as often as it takes
until they understand this business plan and DO IT.

To show leadership, duplication, and your business plan.

These 3 things are essential to the plan and your success.

If you do these things,
and every committed affiliate on your sales team does them,
then each of you will become very wealthy, very soon.


Failure to do any of these 3 things will cause the plan to fail.

Number 3 is crucial!
Vital to the plan, it's an excellent way to accomplish Number 2.

But it all begins with Number 1.
Until you become EA your income is limited to
only your retail sales and NOC/UBC promotion.
No sponsoring.
No extra resources.
No team network.
No bonuses or residuals.
EA is where the big money is... for YOU - Click Here

Here Gery Carson gives you...
4 Ways To Increase Your Commission Check
(click on the bolded link above)
Business Builders Bonus program
Team Leader Co-op
Contact Manager
New Affiliate Guide and Home Business Revolution mailers

Details that show you how...
A $10,000 Per Month SFI Business In 1 Year Is Possible
(click on the bolded link above)

Focus 80% of your time on prospecting and 20% of your time on support helping those that want to move ahead.

Learn to be as creative as possible in the "offer" you make to your prospects when you ask them to become active in their own business.

The question to ask yourself is "What can I provide folks, at low or no cost to me, to entice them to become Affiliates and then proceed to become active?".

You'll find that the most successful Affiliates in this business ask this question or something like it!

Who's making the BIG Money in SFI? Executive Affiliates!
Here's Why (and how you can become an Executive Affiliate today!)

Doing SFI Is Really Simple!

Could you use an extra $3,000+, $12,000+, $25,000+, $40,000+, even $60,000+ per year?

If you could, then YES! This kind of income can soon be yours, in 1 year or less!

NOTE: In the document below,
EA stands for Executive Affiliate - PSA acronym for Personally Sponsored Affiliate - SVP Sales Volume Points
IAHBE Gery Carson's International Association of Home Business Entrepreneurs - FOCUS Your choice of SFI's Comp Plans

Ah... mathematics!
I love numbers, really big numbers too, especially when Dollar $ign$ are attached!

How about these figures?
Does an extra $3,000+, $12,000+, $25,000+, $40,000+, even $60,000+ per year interest you? It sure does me!

For the arithmetically challenged, that's anywhere from $250/month to $5,000/month. Remember those numbers! They'll become very important and essential to your financial future, as you'll see later near the end of this document.

Wouldn't you like to be wealthy? Or even just better off financially than you are now? Fortunately for you and me, how to do this is no secret. And better yet, it's easily attainable!

Let me show you how you can take all the money you want to the bank, using the biggest and best affiliate program ever created,
the world-famous SFI Affiliate Marketing System.

The simple and extremely effective formula for becoming rich with SFI is:

Memorize these 10 words!
Become EA
Sponsor Affiliates
Help Your PSAs Become EA

Now then...

The numbers below apply to SFI's Network Builder Program Comp Plan.

Using SFI's Earnings Calculator with the numbers 1-1, 2-2, 3-3, 4-4, or 5-5 as input, you can see how easily and quickly, with SFI, you can be making the kind of money you want, as much and as rapidly as you want.

1-1 - You sponsor 1 new EA each month, and your PSAs sponsor 1 new EA each month
$36.00 per month after 6 months ($432.00/yr)
$110.52 per month after 12 months ($1,326.24/yr)
$200.16 per month after 18 months ($2,401.92/yr)
$315.72 per month after 24 months ($3,788.64/yr)
<<== $3,000+ per year

2-2 - You sponsor 2 new EAs each month, and your PSAs sponsor 2 new EAs each month
$63.00 per month after 6 months ($756.00/yr)
$307.08 per month after 12 months ($3,684.96/yr)
$611.64 per month after 18 months ($7,339.68/yr)
$1,019.88 per month after 24 months ($12,238.56/yr)
<<== $12,000+ per year

3-3 - You sponsor 3 new EAs each month, and your PSAs sponsor 3 new EAs each month
$90.00 per month after 6 months ($1,080.00/yr)
$598.68 per month after 12 months ($7,184.16/yr)
$1,243.44 per month after 18 months ($14,921.28/yr)
$2,121.48 per month after 24 months ($25,457.76/yr)
<<== $25,000+ per year

4-4 - You sponsor 4 new EAs each month, and your PSAs sponsor 4 new EAs each month
$117.00 per month after 6 months ($1,404.00/yr)
$985.32 per month after 12 months ($11,823.84/yr)
$2,095.56 per month after 18 months ($25,146.72/yr)
$3,620.52 per month after 24 months ($43,446.24/yr)
<<== $40,000+ per year

5-5 - You sponsor 5 new EAs each month, and your PSAs sponsor 5 new EAs each month
$144.00 per month after 6 months ($1,728.00/yr)
$1,467.00 per month after 12 months ($17,604.00/yr)
$3,168.00 per month after 18 months ($38,016.00/yr)
$5,517.00 per month after 24 months ($66,204.00/yr)
<<== $60,000+ per year

Or maybe you think...

Check out these numbers:

10-10 - You sponsor 10 new EAs each month, and your PSAs sponsor 10 new EAs each month
$279.00 per month after 6 months ($3,348.00/yr)
$5,301.00 per month after 12 months ($63,612.00/yr)
$11,835.00 per month after 18 months ($142,020.00/yr)
$20,961.00 per month after 24 months ($251,532.00/yr)
<<== $250,000+ per year

Now the only question as I see it is... how do you and your PSAs sponsor all these EAs? Well, here's how my team and I have done it, to rise to the Team Leader position.

First, to qualify for this income, you MUST be an Executive Affiliate.

You can upgrade to EA any way you want.
All you need is 10 SVP monthly, in any combination.

The best way to be EA in my mind is a Standing Order subscription to
IAHBE - the International Association of Home Business Entrepreneurs.
This highly useful resource from Carson Services Inc. will be your friend indeed as, during the coming years, you progress through SFI's excellent money-making system.

Or, if you want, you can make retail sales to people not in SFI.
You can even be EA for free with the several ways that SFI gives you to do that. Better yet, buy from SFI some of your favorite products, instead of from your local stores.
Your choice - click here

Here's what I did. I chose IAHBE. I suggest that you at least choose IAHBE too, because of all the valuable information you'll receive every month, easily worth hundreds of times what it costs you. At less than $1 per day, there's no better bargain! It's the quickest and easiest way to be EA every month.

With a Standing Order for IAHBE you never have to worry about losing your EA status. And being EA locks in your position in SFI's company-wide Powerline. Everyone who joins SFI after you become EA enters below you in the Powerline, and you earn a portion of all their monthly sales, from now on!

And get this. Your effective cost for IAHBE is quite a bit less than $1 per day. It's actually under 70 cents per day!

Why do I say this? Simple math. By being EA with IAHBE you get a guaranteed commission every month, averaging about $10, which... pay attention now... reduces your expense to only around $19.95 per month, sometimes less.

Now... Divide $19.95 by $29.95 and then multiply by 100, and you get about 70 percent.
Or divide $19.95 by 30 days, and you get less than 70 cents per day.

What an amazing coincidence! Is math neat or what? You've just seen over 30 percent in savings! I'll bet you're starting to love numbers, too! It's proof that being EA with IAHBE, you're getting almost 1/3 of IAHBE for FREE! An astonishing value for the price!

You can try out IAHBE for 30 days with no obligation, and you get to keep over $1,000 in bonus items regardless of what you decide. And as an IAHBE member, you'll qualify for Wholesale Pricing (up to 56% off) on select SFI Products!

With the astounding and impressive values you get from IAHBE, when you subscribe to IAHBE you've made a very, very smart move!

But, really, you don't need your brain to solve this problem It's a no-brainer! SFI has already nailed it for you!

What's left?

Now, all you have to do is this... simply share the information in this document with every affiliate you sponsor, and make sure they share it with every affiliate they sponsor.

The affiliates who want to make the kind of money you see above, however much money appeals to them, will follow your example, work with you and your team, and their team, and become EA right away too. Just like you canl do today, assuming the kind of money you see above appeals to you and that you want to be EA right away, to seriously commit to your business, and to earn all the money you want.

You can easily sponsor 5 EAs, even many more, every month, by sharing this information with all your affiliates, regularly, at least weekly.

But even if you and your PSAs sponsor less than 5 EAs every month, that's still some serious cash. Certainly nothing to be sneezed at.

Did you know that if most households had as little as an extra $100 to $500 per month, to devote to paying their expenses, that they would soon be no longer in debt? Sounds unbelievable, doesn't it? But it's true!

Recall that $250 to $5,000 per month I mentioned at the top?
Seems pretty significant now, doesn't it?

You owe it to your country, your family, and yourself, to become financially solvent. Come join us in a better life. SFI will help!

Good enough reason, anyway, for us to be doing this!

So... how do I do it? And why?

Simple. All I do is this every day - I sponsor EAs, with my New Affiliate Greeting, and Group emails sent from my Genealogy page, giving my affiliates a copy of this post, or the link to this thread -

As for why... that money you see at the top of this post, in blue... well, it appeals to me too! :D

Try it yourself. Become EA today. Encourage your team to become EA asap.
I think you'll be pleased beyond measure with the results you get.

===>>> ESSENTIAL <<<===
Ready to start? Here you go!

:Point: You've seen how easy making money with SFI is, and enjoyable.
The sooner you start and make yourself EA, the better for you! :Koolaid: :Super: :greenie:

And remember. Don't sit on this information. Share it with every affiliate you sponsor!

Email them a copy of this post - Refer them to this URL address
Print it out and mail it to them - Read it to them over the phone
You know the drill. Communication and followup is vital to your business!
===>>> ESSENTIAL <<<===

See SFI's
Network Builder and EyeEarn Comp Plans
for all the fascinating details - how these exciting and rewarding programs WILL work FAST for YOU!

Lots of ways to earn money with SFI

You can buy what you want of SFI's products and services for yourself instead of buying them from some other company.
(as an Executive Affiliate you get up to a 56% discount AND SFI quality and concentrations AND lots of extra EA benefits too)

This is called replacement buying, and you have absolutely zero out-of-pocket costs when you do it! It's really EA for free!
Yes, that's' right! Effectively, it's becoming an Executive Affiliate every month for FREE! Now how very nice is that?

Then teach the affiliates you sponsor to do what you're doing... buy only what you want/need, and only from SFI.
Doing this every month makes each of your team members an EA and eventually Team Leaders (minimum of 5 sponsored EAs).

You can make retail sales of SFI's products and services.
(easy to do, especially so after you've found out that you're super-pleased with what you've bought from SFI)
Go here to see how easy and lucrative retail sales can be, even if you've never done it, or think you can't sell.
Retailing SFI's Products and Services - Learn To Earn

You can be an EyeEarn participant to get free affiliates and free money every month, from then on, forever.
(it's especially important that ALL your affiliates enroll as EyeEarn/MaxMalls Network participants; all it costs them is $20, ever)

Affiliates, sponsored in your name, end up on your team, and extra income from MaxMalls appears in your commission, both of these monthly. After your initial one-time purchase for an EyeEarn Kit, there is no more cost to you, ever!
Be an EyeEarner, prepare NOW! EyeEarn Advertising Network is for EVERY SFI Affiliate!

You can sell TuneFlow song packages to music enthusiasts.

You can buy SFI's consumer goods wholesale and resell them.

You can sell tons of magazines to people who like to read them.

You can enroll people in IAHBE, SFI's International Association of Home Business Entrepreneurs.

You can sell SFI's technical services to folks who need them.

You can make money by producing new affiliates using SFI's ClickBucks program.

You can go to flea markets on weekends and tell folks all about SFI and its products and services, all of them.

You can pass out SFI opportunity flyers, product flyers, X-Cards, E-Cards, EyeEarn applications, and more.

You can wear your EyeEarn T-Shirt everywhere you go, and when people ask "what's up with that?", tell them, and give them an X-Card with your SFI ID number on it.

You can tell your affiliates why you became EA and why they should be EA too.

You can sponsor multiple EAs in any one business month; 2 or more gets you doubled Executive Match bonuses.

You can become a Team Leader by sponsoring only 5 EAs. Then you qualify for highly lucrative Team Match bonuses.

You can teach your team of affiliates (your EA/TL prospects) how to do all the above, and why.

OK, over 15 ways I came up with just off the top of my head. Likely there are more that I missed. If I think of more, I'll add them.

So... Take your pick, one or more, even all if you want -
What YOU can earn with SFI Compensation Plans - Synopsis & Simplified Explanation <<<=== click here

There's lots of advice on why and how to do each of these things, both at the SFI Affiliate Center and here at the SFI Discussion Board from other affiliates who know because they have done them successfully, over and over.

Focus on what interests you most, read what others have advised about doing it (or them), and then get busy following their examples. You'll be earning fistfuls of money in no time!

Oh, one more. Pass all this information on to your affiliates or direct them to this thread. It likely will be useful to them as well as you! Because for you and them it's just one more very good reason
Why You Should Visit The SFI Affiliate Center And The SFI Discussion Board Every Day! <<<=== click here

SFI Training Library -

Sure-Fire Method! Make over $60,000/year in less than 1 year! Exact process revealed with SFI

Wouldn't you like to be making $60,000+/year this time next year? Read how to do it below!

Here's a plan guaranteed to make you a big success in SFI, in a short period of time, evidence you can't ignore.

It's emphasis is contained within SFI's Network Builder Program, where you join a team of highly committed Executive Affiliates, all team members using teamwork and cooperating with each other, each member of the team focusing on a plan.

It's a very workable and easily understood plan that if you and they follow totally is guaranteed to make you each a big success, soon making more money than you ever believed possible, using SFI's amazing system.

The SFI Network Builder Program is just one of the fantastic, yet realistic and powerful ways that you can make money with SFI. There are several more ways SFI gives you to make money, and you should investigate these as well, sometime soon.

But for now, here in this document, let's concentrate on the SFI Network Builder Program.

Did you notice that I've used the word guaranteed twice so far? There's a reason for that.

It's to convince you and assure you that if you commit to it, this plan can work for you, and it will work for you, if you and your team faithfully do what it says to do.

If you adopt the plan, if you perform the 3 steps it requires for success, if you share this plan with your own team, it's guaranteed to work, if your team also cooperates, commits to the plan, and works together with you, each of you doing your small part to ensure the plan delivers what it promises.

I want you to trust me, because now I'm going to show you how for just $2.50 per day, or less, (which is at most merely $75 per month), in just one year, in which you spend no more than $900, at the end of that year, you can be earning over $5,000 per month, which means you'll have an income of more than $60,000 per year!

And, icing on the cake, I'll reveal how your income can double in the following year, and amazingly double again in the years after that.

Further, each succeeding member of your team, following your example, will achieve the same thing, if they like you follow the plan!

Interested? Still with me?

I'm going to show you now exactly how easy and quick the results of this plan are to accomplish. I'm going to reveal to you the secret, what you must do to get this done in only 3 simple, easy to perform steps.

Statistics and polls show that most people want to work from home and be financially set with more money than they're currently making. Plus being your own boss with more free time for doing what you want to do is a close runner-up.

I think these reasons are probably why you joined SFI.

You want SFI to give you a way to be a success, to earn a massive income, and to do it in time for it to do you some good.

Isn't that true for you?

Are you ready now for me to let you in on the secret? To show you the plan? Yes? OK, here it is, the 3 step process.

Step 1) First, set up a Standing Order for yourself to SFI's amazingly helpful and highly useful marketing and information resource IAHBE. This subscription costs you just $29.95 each month. It makes you an Executive Affiliate. It locks in your position in SFI's company Powerline. You get an Executive Bonus which makes your effective cost for IAHBE only about $20. Most importantly, becoming EA makes you eligible for a possible monthly income of $5,000 or more by this time next year.

Optional Alternative To Step 1
Of course, you can be EA however you want, either by buying your choice of products or selling them retail to people not yet in SFI. Fact is you can be EA without buying a thing by using one or more of the many other ways SFI gives you to do that. But whatever you choose, it's essential that you be EA.

2) Second, join SFI's EyeEarn Advertising Co-op. This costs you just $20.00 one-time for life. EyeEarn causes new affiliates, sponsored by you, to be deposited into your ever-increasing downline every month. These people, having become exposed to SFI and this plan that you share with them, will follow your example and become EA, if you and they do what the plan is asking you each to do.

Optional Alternative To Step 2
Of course, you can market the SFI business opportunity any way you want, or sell SFI's products retail, and get new affiliates in your downline that way, if you choose. You can buy EyeEarn Co-op shares but it's not required. The important thing is to have as many new affiliates as you can placed on your team each month so that most of them become EA during the month.

3) Lastly, share this document with every affiliate you've personally sponsored, your PSAs. It is recommended that you do this on at least a weekly basis. This is quite easy to do by using the group email facility you can find at your Genealogy webpage to email them this document or the link to it.

Follow up, keep after them until they see the possiblities. Help them understand what can be realized for them when they join your EA team.

Show them, using the words in this document, that they can turn no more than a $900 yearly expense into more than a $60,000 per year income!

This means that for, at most, a measly $75 a month investment, their cumulative return for the year can turn out to be over 100 times what they spend for the year! Exciting? You better believe it is!

There you have it! The 3 step process that can make you and each EA member of your team a big success in SFI.

What Can Happen For You Now

A very attainable goal, achieved by using and showing this plan, is a minimum of 10 EAs sponsored by you each month, at least 10 new EAs coming to work with you on your ever-growing team.

Immediately you'll be a Team Leader earning lucrative Executive Matches and Team Matches, in addition to your guaranteed commission, your monthly Executive Bonus for being EA.

All you and your team of EAs have to do is cooperate to get this done.

Don't concern yourself with how converting 10 affiliates to EA each month is going to happen. The document you've just been reading will be a major tool that you can use, indeed must use, regularly, to get it done.

Now see the proof, what 10 EAs added to your team each month does for you.

The following figures come from SFI's Earnings Calculator which you can see and use for yourself on the Comp Plans webpage, near the bottom of the page, at the SFI Affiliate Center.

T-NET 2.0 Compensation Plan Earnings Calculator (10x10)
Based on the information you entered, your estimated commissions will be:

$279.00 per month after 6 months ($3,348.00/yr)
$5,301.00 per month after 12 months ($63,612.00/yr) <<<=== Look at this!
$11,835.00 per month after 18 months ($142,020.00/yr) <<<=== Your income DOUBLES!
$20,961.00 per month after 24 months ($251,532.00/yr) <<<=== And it DOUBLES AGAIN!

There you have it - solid proof that what this plan can deliver for you is absolutely true!

It doesn't get much better than this. If you commit to this plan, and you regularly perform the 3 steps I've just covered for you, by this time next year you can be earning more than your doctor or lawyer, embarrassing to them, but exciting for you.

This plan works! It's the way most of SFI's leaders have reached their lofty position.

And you can join us. Yes, I'm one of them, a Team Leader in SFI. I'm using this plan. And I'm seeing for myself that it works, which is why I wanted to share it with you and asked you at the top of this document to trust me.

Will you now do what it takes for you to be EA and join our team of winners?

You will if you believe me. And you'll soon be glad that you did!

Bottomline, for this plan to work for you, you must be an Executive Affiliate now, and you must remain an Executive Affiliate during the coming year.

You must find ways to sponsor new EAs into SFI (you get lots of help with that from SFI).

And you must share this information with your PSAs, often, in fact I think daily is not too much.

Why do this last part? So the person reading this plan will see their need to be EA and a member of your team, if she/he wants to share in the rewards that SFI will deliver to you and each of your EA team members.

I've given you some suggestions, and I've freely given you a working plan. You now have the knowledge you need to succeed.

Your upline has sent you this document and shared the plan with you. They have invited you to be part of a team of leaders. And you are being encouraged to follow and use this plan to get what you want from SFI.

You now know the secret to success in SFI. Use this secret, and share it with your team!

Can you do it? I believe you can! I know you can!

So... are you ready to go?
I think it's time for you to become an Executive Affiliate.
It's time for you to do what it takes to be EA, to start earning your own massive income.

What do you think?
Don't miss out on what could be the most astonishing and fun adventure of your life!

Your team will help you, and each of your leaders is counting on your support.

You've trusted me. I'm trusting that you will do right by yourself today and become SFI's newest EA team member.

You can start here.

Did you ignore this opportunity which can make you rich?
Then you might want to see a doctor.
You need a check up from the neck up!

Sunday, January 04, 2009

10 steps to making money in SFI

The best way to build a thriving business is to take it one step at a time. Post the following 10 steps to making money in SFI in a prominent place on your wall as a constant reminder of your willingness to succeed...and encourage your team members to do the same!

Sell SFI's products and services by advertising your Gateway Websites.

Recruit new affiliates into your network by advertising your Gateway Websites.

Upgrade yourself to Executive Affiliate (EA) status as soon as you can—10 SVP per month, anyway you like it.

Upgrade yourself to Team Leader (TL) status as soon as you can. See SFI Compensation Plan for more details.)

Monitor your network to ensure as many of your affiliates as possible become EAs as soon as possible.

Monitor your network to ensure as many of your EAs as possible become Team Leaders as soon as possible.

Pass these steps you're reading right now on to each person in your team, preferably as soon as they come on board.

Check out the SFI products or services of your choice. Your actions will help the company and your own business thrive.